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Fresh Magnolia Bunch Cut to Order 100% from Florida.


Magnolia is used to make bouquets, centerpieces, and flower arrangements for any type of event. This Magnolia will make your flower arrangments pop with its deep green color and orange dust texture. Many have seen these used for Christmas Wreaths as they look gorgeous for a southern comfy home look. Home guests will get very jealous and would want to know right away where you got them from :)


Magnolia is only cut fresh and shipped the same day to ensure it gets to your doorsteps on time. You will not find high-end quality Magnolia elsewhere! :)  


Please make sure to provide the information and date for your event. 
Make sure to write 3 to 4 days before so you can receive the package on time. For example, if your event is on Saturday please make sure to write Tuesday or Wednesday on the seller note. If unsure, please feel free to message me regarding any questions about the product. :)

Pre-order is available as well! You can order today and place your orders in advance so you can worry-free. To save on shipping costs order a case of 5, 10, or 25 bunches. :) 


For Bulk orders please message me for more information for a discounted price. We will work with you and find the needs that are best suited for you. :)



Don't make this another headache and let us take care of that. :)


    Product Details
    Known As: Magnolia 
    Availability: October to December  
    Bunch size: 5-8 Stems
    Case size: Only in 5 Bunches

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